Light Body Remedies

LightRootDioscorea batatas (also know as Chinese Yam and Lightroot) is indigenous to China where it is used for ailments of the spleen amongst others. In 1924 Rudolf Steiner directly perceived lightroot – a tuber – to hold the most light ether of any plant. He recommended it as an aid to bring the light ether into our bodies that we may activate maximum nutritional forces and stimulate that aspect of the memory which brings awareness to the movements of the inner light body. Electricity and the invisible sea of electromagnetic frequencies(emf’s/elf’s) that we now live in may be considered as fallen or degenerate light ether. It is my belief that Steiner foresaw the world, which was coming of crisscrossing lines of degenerate electricity around the Planet and brought us dioscorea batatas that we could rise above such fallen energies, which leave us vulnerable to Lucifer and Ahriman and interfere with Christ Consciousness. 

It may be used both for the land and for human beings where its main attribute seems to be a linking with the unified field–unity–to move beyond polarization. It has been my experience that Dioscorea batatas holds great promise for the spiritual evolution of human beings and the Planet.

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