A Light Root Fairy Tale

“Once upon a time it happened—where then was it? Where indeed was it not?” — Rudolf Steiner

Well… it was in three different places with three different people at three different times. This was truly magical and concerned a plant called light root, also known as light yam.

Light root is called fairy food in China. This would seem to indicate that it is a friend from the magic kingdom. Indeed, it is a friend and so very comforting and nourishing to the life (etheric) body of human beings and the earth alike. The cream feels like silk or a rose petal gently brushed over the skin.

Here then is the story of how a young lady discovered this dear friend. It was a time when she was overwhelmed by what was happening both in her own world and in the outer world. It was 2008, and the financial world was in disarray. She was on a journey around America in search of new beginnings. She liked to call it the magical mystery tour. Only this was America’s nightmare version, where she faced the likes of things never before seen—and heard and felt them, too.

She had a good look at distortions of the human psyche and the ancestral prejudice people exhibited in different areas of the country. She was viewed as crazy to want to align with the spiritual beings who are able to manifest pure benevolence in the landscape.

They can lift prejudice and woe from the earth, providing you work with them in the right way. People didn’t seem to want this or, at the very least, didn’t want to understand that the spiritual world could help. They weren’t interested in knowing.

Well, it is one thing not to know, but not to want to know…? That is a whole other elephant.

Those she encountered often did not seem heartfelt or friendly. There was very little by way of renewable human resources such as kindness, respect, compassion, or joy and love. In her growing years, she had been taught that manners and a genuine smile go a long way to getting along in life without feeling constantly traumatized. But this mystery school journey would take some strong courage to endure.

Our heroine first heard about light root from a friend in Ohio, then from a fellow student of biodynamics, and later from Rudolf Steiner himself. Certainly, its mention was a message from the spiritual world to work with this plant and perhaps create a healing remedy. And, she did so.

First a homeopathic (16x) remedy of pellets was made. The ingredients were light root, homeopathic gold, frankincense, rose, myrrh, and lavender essential oils. This combination worked nicely to bring etheric light into all the cells of the body. It became popular with massage therapists, alternative health practitioners, hospice patients, and healers of all kinds. People with stress and anxiety noticed that upon taking the pellets, they felt more at peace and suffered less from the discord of polarity, which causes one to be pulled in two directions at the same time. Human beings with their “direct current” nervous system were not meant to be subject to the intense alternating and opposing forces of modern civilization. At least not if they want to be able to think clearly, digest their food well, sleep soundly, and maintain full vitality.

Later she formulated a light root cream knowing that the skin is the largest organ in the body, which is right next to and integrated with the life body. It contains the same ingredients as the pellets, is also homeopathic, and has come to be the preferred remedy of the two. While on the magical mystery tour, our adventurer noticed high levels of electromagnetic radiation wherever she went, particularly in large cities. She could feel these invisible yet harmful rays that were undermining her nervous system. She became anxious, unable to rest or function well. This is where the light root helped, and things began to smooth out in spite of the state of the world. She was able to retreat inside herself, calm the nervous system, and again perceive the world as her friend. By also spending more time in nature, her nerves were soothed and healed.

But in the kingdom of our young friend, there were mounting troubles of all sorts. The planet seemed to have slipped off the deep end with shocking events and uncertainty everywhere. So many people fell into a blue funk. Such crazy times were hard on everyone, especially the tots. There even came a time when they were forced to wear masks to school and in public places. Apparently, the corona virus was present. Imagine all those beautiful faces covered by a mask. This caused escalating fear among the people as well as difficulty in breathing and thinking properly.

What happened when one of the most expressive parts of the face—the smile—was covered? Mask wearers lost their sense of safety in the presence of another human being. They couldn’t tell if the other person was smiling or not. Maybe they were in front of a bank robber. Who would know? Or they might feel there was something wrong with them or their face. After a steady year or maybe two, this heavy pressure took its toll on the people. Many of them made their transition into the spiritual world. Some took an injection, often unwillingly, which led to more adversity and ill health. The critical years were 2020, 2021, and 2022. The passage through such terror had a measurable impact that still lives on. Nevertheless, we all dream of a happy ending—one that we might imagine together.

From my perspective, the best way to deal with upset and anxiety is to retreat inside oneself in meditation or simply to be quiet while focusing on the breath. Light root can help to provide a buffer or a “decoy heart” between you and the insanity of the world. It can thus mitigate and depolarize some of the electromagnetic radiation. You would liken its effect to having the resilience of a pebble dropped into a still pond, sending forth multidirectional waves that emanate from that action.

The Feldenkrais method is another option to transmute trauma and nervousness into body–brain balance and well-being. It allows more than one option in movement and thought; therefore, all actions can be made out of choice and spontaneity. Moshe Feldenkrais himself experienced trauma at another time in history when there was a time of intense uncertainty, trauma, and war. This was in the 1940s during the Nazi regime.

Rudolf Steiner warned humanity of increasing nervous illness in our world. It would be contagious by simply being in the presence of those who had it. It seems that we have come to that time, yet we have many resources and options to bring ourselves into states of higher consciousness, permitting the direct current of our nervous systems to remain direct. With practice, we can be at peace no matter what.

Light root works equally well for young children, teenagers, and adults. It doesn’t discriminate and is inclusive of all.

“I once saw this, and if what happened in the spiritual world did not perish, if it is not dead, it must still be alive today.” — Rudolf Steiner