Woody Wodraska (November 5, 1941 – April 10th, 2012)

Dear Ones, Brothers and Sisters,

WWWoody left his body on April 10th, in deep Peace, at the age of 70.

With gratitude to Beloved soul-friend and husband Woody for the life and work we shared these 13 years…..and for such fertile blessings for my own journey into Divine consciousness. Bless you for your courage to endure the suffering… journey on Woody, in grace and ease…

May you be Strengthened from the fonts of Will that bear us toward freedom….
Illumined by the fonts of Wisdom that warm the inmost heart ….
Warmed by Peace from the fonts of Love that Bless our human working.

(Adam Bittleson courtesy Dale Brunsvold)

You will be missed … Blessings on you Woody….. Blessings…. All Blessings…

“Release your concern. No need for holding. Woody is transcending. He is beyond time. All now is between his soul and divine mother. Peace”.

I have lit a candle for his journey into the spiritual world, please join me if you feel so moved………

He was so happy to have completed his book Deep Gardening: Soul Lessons from 17 Gardens which you may find here.

Woody-KYWith deep heartfelt appreciation for all of your prayers and blessings for both of us… eternal gratitude to the Nuns and Monks of Self Realization Fellowship for their fervent prayers, which he said he could truly feel, on behalf of a God and Guru’s grace-filled transition for him … the omnipresence of Master, Heavenly Father, Divine Mother and all the Gurus of our spiritual lineage who have blessed us both beyond measure. Special mention to Brahmacharini Georgia, Brother Balananda…Fr. Joey Ranjo and the priests from Sacred Heart Church … sons Nathan and Wi-Li for their love and patience in their mother’s ‘meltdown’… friends and devotees who have stood by us both during this time… Will Love, Josie and Robert Delacruz, Truth Aspen, Sky Wodraska, Roger Pye, the caregivers and nurses from the Hilo Hospice who cared so compassionately for Woody and his sister and brother, Jan Celella, Jim Wodraska and families. Forgive me for anyone I have missed.

Remembering the conversation between Arjuna and Krishna from the Gita on the battlefield when Arjuna looked over the valley to his opponents … and sees not only uncles, aunts and cousins but Gurus and teachers that have taught him. He sees them and Krishna says “You’ll never untangle the circumstances that have brought you to this moment. You’re a warrior, arise now you mighty warrior with the full understanding that they have all been killed and so have you. This is just a play, this is my will. You’re caught up in the circumstances that I determine for you, that you did not determine for yourself. So arise, you’re a noble warrior, embrace your destiny and your fate and stand up and do your duty”. – Leonard Cohen

W&BFor me… all is well… “I am like a bird from another continent sitting in this aviary” (Rumi), “hitching my chariot to the fates and the Gods” (Yogananda) waiting patiently for the day to fly off… to plant seeds of faith, love and hope in our cosmic and earthly mission of Love… all pain drowned in Grace as I deepen into stillness and silence… remembering to punctuate the days with those Heyoka moments… that we never take life for granted…Memento Mori– “Remember You Must Die”.

I have recently begun anew on my book which is almost complete…as well as a good start on Transmissions From the Canid Nation!

Please forward this on to any of the agricultural forums where Woody wrote and was known or others I may have missed.

DSCN0106I would love to hear from you … I may not be able to speak words but the language of my heart is fully in place!

Sending along this meditation and exercise in will which has served me well to align heart and soul to the Divine Presence.

… and a new film The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner so sweet to have his legacy come to the Planet at this time as a film.

With Gratitude and In Divine Friendship,


Barbara Scott