Light Body Remedies


These light root and homeopathic flower essences and remedies are the quintessence of years of working faithfully with the Nature Beings on a 31-acre hilltop, in various landscapes around the U.S. and on 10 acres of conifers and flowing water in the Kootenay River Valley of British Columbia.

Beginning with land that radiated an inherent sweetness, ancient quality, and a wish to communicate, I began to learn about biodynamic agriculture through reading Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Foundations for a Renewal in Agriculture. Listening to the land, observing the effects of the preparations, and immersion in the daily and seasonal rhythms—this is my schooling. It was 15 years into this work that all of the “Mothers” of the homeopathic flower essences were prepared throughout the wild areas of Aurora Farm. And another 15 years before I began to research Dioscorea batatas aka light yam.

Upon returning to British Columbia from a soul medicine journey around America, I began to work with Dioscorea batatas aka light root/yam. This plant was/is considered indispensable for healing the etheric body. These homeopathic (16x) light root products—cream and pellets—are the culmination of my life’s work in earth stewardship and living medicines.

They are not offered as a quick fix, nor do they operate out of the premise that something is wrong. Rather, they embody the promise of our human birthright. They act as a bridge to an angelic energy field, free from cultural overlay and conventional expectations.

Light root slices drying on horsetail

The qualities the remedies nourish or encourage are not “things” to be gained, but rather cosmic patterns to be revealed, promises to your thinking, feeling and willing bodies.

Rudolf Steiner encouraged us to innovate and intuit new ways of blessing the Earth. It is in that spirit that I invite you to begin with an active direct perception, remembering that less is more. Let your intuition see how they might work to their highest potential for you.

A personal apothecary/laboratory is currently being built and the light root products will again be available sometime after the autumn. These will be new products intended to nourish the etheric body and aid an overall peaceful state-of-being, which is conducive to healing from the inside out. The cream will again be available with similar ingredients and perhaps a new dilution.

Building the apothecary and laboratory for research and production is a “small is beautiful” home based operation requiring much hands-on work in an off-grid setting.

Light root remedies formulated by Barbara MV Scott now available.

Produced by Uriel Pharmacy. 

Rudolf Steiner spoke of light root (dioscorea batatas) in 1924 after theAgriculture lectures in Koberwitz. He recommended this yam as indispensable to humans and the earth in the future (now) no matter how many biodynamic preparations had been applied to the earth and in the atmosphere. My experience tells me that Steiner was perceiving a time when we were at risk of becoming inductive devices from the electromagnetic radiation and multiple other pollutants that attack our life body and nervous systems leading to chronic illnesses. These illnesses are caused by the lucerific, ahrimanic and asurian spirits that have refused to evolve in harmony with Christ Consciousness.

They have been used for people in hospices in their transition, by alternative practitioners and by those who wish their nervous systems to remain direct, not alternating. They bring a sensation of peace as they nourish the etheric or life body and help to mitigate electro smog. In addition I use them in my biodynamic practice to clear the pollutants in the earth and atmosphere allowing the biodynamic preparations to “catch.” The pellets (16x) are used for this purpose.

Ingredients: metallic gold, light root, frankincense, myrrh, rose, and lavender oils, grapefruit seed extract and binding ingredients.

Light root cream 2 oz tube  $55 US

Light root pellets 2 oz bottle $55 US

With love and compassion for the greater health and well being of Gaia and humanity

Your donations (see footer of every page) would be very welcome to bring this project to fruition – to have new light root remedies co-created rhythmically with the spiritual beings in an off-grid setting that is green on a meter, which records the level of electromagnetic radiation.