The Single Most Important Thing To Know About Gardening  Is: How To Make Good Compost

Barbara M V Scott, MSc, founder of Aurora Farm and now a consultant, is a lifelong gardener, seedsperson, a mother and Reiki Master. Both Reiki and Biodynamic compost enhance Life Energy for all the lives they touch.

Good, lively compost
*Provides living organisms  to work and nourish the soil: worms and microlife by the billions;
*Brings light and air to tight soils;
*Brings character and tilth to loose, sandy soils;
*Adds nutrients in usable form for the plants;
*Holds moisture

Manfred Klett’s ‘Agriculture as an Art, The Meaning of Man’s work on the Soil’ says “… we, as human beings, can develop because we have a middle sphere (diaphragm). We can be different tomorrow from what we are today, if we want to be. The earth does not have this developing middle sphere and is unable to transform by means of its own forces. Therefore there is no future in the earth. We have our future contained within us- we strive out of our heart forces. Not so the earth. We have to give the earth her future through our work. This means to build up and individualize a middle sphere (the soil). That is our task as humanity, for the whole future development, to create this middle sphere between these two poles.”

And in his ‘The Biodynamic Preparations as Sense Organs’: “So Biodynamic farming actually means that we take over the responsibility for the earth, not by just working in such a way that we continue what is there. This happens in Ecological farming. But we need to endow what is there with future forces, so the earth itself can participate in the future development of mankind”

  • Compost Consultations $90/hour
  • Two day festivals $80-100 sliding scale

“Always we are grateful…..They selflessly give and give and give.”