The Light Root

 Your body is woven from the light of heaven. – Rumi

The Light Root (Dioscorea batatas, or Chinese yam):

Human Consciousness and Health

Over the past several years there has been a deepening interest in the light root, which Rudolf Steiner first spoke of in the last century at the time of his 1924 series of lectures, called the Agriculture Course. He perceived it to be indispensible in the future to transform and absorb the nutritional forces in our food, which continues to be increasingly devoid of the nutrients necessary to nourish us in body, mind and spirit. Steiner also noted that it would be wise to replace the potato, which he linked to materialism, in the European diet with the light root.

The Chinese yam is indigenous to China where it is known as shan yao and “fairy food.” In Traditional Chinese Medicine, its vital functions are known to tonify the spleen, to nourish the lung, to strengthen the kidney and to benefit essence.

Steiner tells us of the importance of the spleen—long a mystery in allopathic medicine—and how it is the most spiritual of the human organs. It is known in anthroposophical medicine to compensate for our irregular eating habits and to rhythmically transform and transport the nutritional forces of the digestive and respiratory system into the blood in the correct form and amounts. Raw foodstuffs are as foreign material to the spleen, and it aids us by transforming them into familial substances and forces.

Taken internally, the Chinese yam is not for everyone as there can be side effects and contraindications. Because of its estrogen content, it ought not be used where over stimulation of this hormone could cause problems. The alkaloid in its mucilage can cause allergic reactions, while the saporin in the mucilage is eliminated only by high temperature. Further, it shouldn’t be used in any excess syndrome, and it may aggravate constipation. How these consequences may apply to homeopathic remedies is not yet fully known. For example, some health care providers consider that certain illnesses may involve an excess of light ether, in which case the properties of light root will need further study.

Regarding the unique, subtle qualities of the light root, it is thought to hold the highest amount of light ether of any plant. Light ether, which works through the element of air, is one of the four ethers that make up the unseen, formative forces—earth, water, air and fire. As it weaves into our light bodies, it allows us to perceive and remember with inner light-to-light communication. This yam is thus akin to a “being” of goodwill, a presence that has come to help us become stewards of our consciousness and the soul of Earth through both practical and meditative work.

It has long been known that light is vital to life, and there has been much research on the significance of light as it pertains to healing, consciousness and human health. Light is taken in through the eyes and via the skin, which is the largest organ of the body. Saints and sages of all religions have suggested that we are light-bearing spiritual beings having a human earthly experience.

Those who are working with various aspects and modalities of light as it applies to human health and consciousness include the late Dr. David Bohm, Dr. Peter Mandel, the biophysicist Dr. Fritz- Albert Popp, Dr. Jacob Liberman, Ralf Roessner and others. In describing the workings of light, these researchers all speak of it as nutrition and medicine, the medium whereby cells communicate. It is also mentioned as partially responsible for the manifestation of form through the formless etheric realm. Illness is the absence of coherent light and the inability of the cells to communicate effectively. Various forms of light therapy often bring about a restored cellular communication. It has been demonstrated that light is involved in every aspect of metabolism, and it is now thought that animals and birds migrate and move in synchrony through light communication.

The experiential qualities of the light root include the possibility of countless benefits: an increased feeling of peace and calmness; a restored and revitalizing sleep rhythm; a heartfelt sense of unity consciousness; a certain immunity from the subnatural, degenerate and fallen light ether of the invisible sea of electromagnetic frequencies to which we are exposed and vulnerable and a finer quality of absorption of the vital nutritional forces in food. A partial testimonial reports, “Since using Dioscorea batatas, I have noticed a subtle and consistent response of the client becoming more peaceful and relaxed after applying the cream to the following areas: radial artery, carotid artery, between and slightly above the eyebrows (energetic pineal gland point).”

Upon first taking the homeopathic light root remedy (pellets, taken orally), the author experienced going through a mild earthquake, swaying slightly to both sides of the body and then into alignment with a sense of unity throughout the body and mind. Over time, this changed into a witnessing perspective as the internal light communication in the DNA allowed life, with all its various adversities, to be perceived from a calm, peaceful and nonreactive position. This included times of crises, allowing a balance of humor and humility to ride out the storm.

Through the redeeming aspect of human consciousness, we can serve as light bearers to bring about benevolent collaboration for the true advancement of humankind. It is my premise that the light root is tantamount to a kind “being” that assists us during the immense changes upon us. The honeybee is another such friend, as are the blessed seeds of our food plants that the bees gift to us through their unity consciousness of selflessness and love.

Much like the presence of coherent light-to-light connections in and between healthy cells, we can each—through the essence of our individual light—communicate with kindness, empathy and respect. Such qualities co-create safe, unified ground upon the playing field of consciousness. The true renewable resources we share with our brothers and sisters are, therefore, precious particles that foster an emerging global village. Our times are urging us to grow up, become spiritually mature, occupy our light body and shine.

Love starts when we push aside our ego and make room for someone else.

Rudolf Steiner



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