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A Meditation on Conscious Composting and Christ Consciousness—Earth’s Future, Part I

I thank you, O wise Providence, that you have made it possible for me to bring you a love that is not forced but springs up free in my own breast: that you do not force me to love you, but have given me the choice of following you.

                             The Apocalypse of St. John by Rudolf Steiner (1908)

I was permeated by the peasant wisdom of the earth at the coastal homestead where I grew up. Surrounded by the good, the true and the beautiful to explore––gardens, fruit trees, animals, conscious compost and the wilds––I thought the whole world was a garden! I felt graced by the overlighting beings from which the material sense world seemed to arise. It was apparent to me that the gardener’s consciousness influenced the quality of the food—nourishment for body, mind and soul—as I watched my father tend the earth in humility and with love. His faith seemed to stem from the relationship between the soil and his soul, and I imagined a spiritual realm behind the sense perceptible world. In awe I went to the compost piles, where I felt most aligned with these unseen forces behind Nature.

After immersing myself in the aromas, sensations and tastes of the compost, I learned to sit and listen in stillness and silence. As I communed there one day, I became aware of an aura and a life pulse emanating from the compost—the Earth was breathing me. I was profoundly affected in thought, breath and posture. I realized that my father’s humility, faith and love—in the earth and for the earth—linked him to the wisdom-filled, divine spiritual realm through his soul. I was inspired to follow in his path. The compost for me was the crossroads between the mystery of Nature and the Christ Mystery that I had heard about (yet could not understand) in church. My upbringing in peasant wisdom, which Steiner referred to as “wisdom before God,” in the Agriculture Lectures, planted fertile spiritual seeds that would bloom in biodynamic agriculture and a path in Self-realization.

Biodynamic composting unites earthly matter and cosmic forces and is the starting point of an agricultural individuality. This individuality arises through soil cultivation and the integration of the farm’s physical (mineral), ether (plant), and astral (animal) bodies. We call upon the elemental and spiritual hierarchies as the architects and guides of the spiritual realm.

The cow is key to a farm with her astral nature and manure (receptive to astral forces), and she perceives the conditions of the farm’s etheric and physical body through a digestive analysis of the food plants grown there. Through our devotion to the cow in our daily chores of milking, feeding, and mucking out, we become conscious of the manure’s inner workings with our astral bodies as it informs us of the necessary practical work to bring the farm into its essence.

Since the birth of agriculture, our Mother Earth—in pain and suffering—has hardened due to changes in humanity’s consciousness. We must become increasingly aware of the anti-evolutionary forces that destroy the rhythms of life—electromagnetic radiation, artificial fertilizers, pesticides and biotechnology (genetically modified organisms). These are creations that seek to keep humanity from remembering our divine inheritance. As the old etheric body of the planet falters, we are called upon to cultivate the relationship between our subtle body and the Earth’s benevolent life- renewing forces. It is through our emerging awakened hearts that we will be able to perceive the etheric Christ. This way of “thinking” with aware and purified souls will form a collective sensory organ for a new Earth. Our task is literally to unite earthly substance and our souls with their divine cosmic origins.

The seeds for the spiritualization of Earth and humanity were sown at a singular event, described by seekers as the Mystery of Golgotha, which transformed the blood and substance of Christ to the equivalent of spiritual Gold. This consciousness united with the physical and etheric layers of Earth as the force of Love descended from the Cosmos. “The mission of our Earth is the cultivation of the principle of love by the beings evolving upon it.” 1 As we work to perceive the relationship of our etheric body to the Earth’s etheric, we will gain the ability to perceive the Living Christ.

This reawakening of Christ Consciousness in human souls will follow from real-life experience and hard-won wisdom as we each learn what it means to be truly human. In this way, we serve the evolution of humanity and the spiritual hierarchies. As biodynamic practitioners, we can serve in practical ways to become the new etheric through inner and outer work, which can also be achieved with the science of meditation and a heartfelt spiritual path.

Conscious composting and the practical work of sacred agriculture creates etheric nodes on the Earth. As we surrender our personal will through devotion to the cosmic creative energies, and streaming through the portal of Christ Consciousness, we can give Earth her future. Our love prepares and patterns Earth for her highest future.




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Barbara M.V. Scott, MS, is a wildlife biologist, writer and biodynamic educator and began to practice biodynamic agriculture in 1989 at Aurora Farm. She offers workshops and consultations in composting, land stewardship, and heirloom seed cultivation. She seeks to continue her life’s work and research on sensitive crystallization with others practicing Sacred Agriculture. Since 2009 she has been working with diascorea batatas (light root)

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