Mission Statement:  We intend to operate in the realm of life, to build skills, confidence, consciousness in the people and groups we teach.  Life enhancement—in soil, in food and in human beings—is our aim.  Our methods are:
1.    Conscious Compost:  We build compost piles in the Biodynamic way, wherever we are given the opportunity knowing that each is a node on an etheric web of life surrounding the Earth; we sponsor compost-making workshops so each participant gains the skills, the will and the intention to build other such piles;
2.    Vital, Sacred Seeds: We grow and gather seeds of heirloom herbs, flowers, and vegetables, making the seeds themselves and the knowledge of how to gather and preserve them widely available; everyone we teach gains the skills, the will and the intention to save seeds for coming generations;
3.    Stewardship: We teach Land Stewardship in the spirit of this statement: “Biodynamics means we take on responsibility for the Earth, not by just working in such a way that we continue what is there….but we need to endow what is there with future forces so the Earth itself can participate in the future development of mankind.”           –Manfred Klett
Thus, with these guiding principles

We, Barbara Mary Victoria Scott, William Liles, Nathan Liles and Woody Wodraska, create The Aurora Farm Family Foundation.