For Sale

Seed collection from the first biodynamic heirloom seed company (Aurora Farm
Seeds) in North America to aspiring seed steward(s) who has an appropriate land base
for cultivation. Many of these seeds have been through the ground for 30 years, are
family tried and true nutrient dense favorites where the words “nutrient” and “spirit”
are one and the same.

They have been kept cool, dry and dark in green and blue glass jars under energetically
protective and enhancing conditions. 

Training the new steward is included in the cost. This will involve learning
biodynamic principles fundamental to cultivating, harvesting, storing and the
entrepreneurship necessary for success. And other fruits of my life’s work. This will
be an enhancement to gardening, farming and working with the earth in love and

$3,300.  Contact and Web portal below. Serious and sincere inquiries only. Email for
varietals and further information.

barbara m.v. scott